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Elephant Dung Environmental Paper

Elephant Dung Environmental Paper

Paper with texture and charm. Oh what a feeling! Multiple uses but lets go with wrapping, as we come into Christmas. Hang it, why not write a letter on the dung paper to someone you love, and watch them return that love in spades. It is that good.

The paper is manufactured using a process that promotes environmental protection. It is produced by EcoMaximus, Sri Lanka, using a mixture of elephant dung and post consumer waste paper. The paper is sanitized and has excellent utility value.

Maximus paper is chlorine and acid free and is manufactured in an ecologically safe manner. By using this paper you can make a difference by highlighting the plight of the majestic elephant. 

Normally only available from retail stores we are shipping this 900mm * 650 mm in protective tubes. We are including 3 colours in each mailing tube. You get to choose either lime, red and yellow or orange, pink and natural.  Get excited, wait by the letter box, and be the first in your town to be dung cool.

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