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Living Green In A Unit

Living Green In A Unit

How stupid are we! We allow unit development in our cities and make the developer put a clothes dryer in each unit because that is cheaper then allocating some land for a clothes line.

That Red House

We shift the cost from the developer to the people who live in the unit with the additional cost of damaging the environment by additional electricity usage. We are just so short term thinkers.

There are issues about theft of your clothes but these are easily solved. Hell people live in space! End of grumpy, lets help solve the problem.

Woolen dryer balls are made from 100% Australian Wool and when you pop them in the dryer, they reduce static, minimise the need for ironing and cut down the drying time of your load. The balls work their way between the clothes and move them around agitating the load to create avenues for circulation. They will last about 10,000 loads.

The Red House Dryer Balls are always on sale at Moonwish. So save some money, save your time, and save the environment.

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