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25% Off Sitewide!
Reusable Baking Mat

Reusable Baking Mat

Ditch the disposable baking paper.Switch to super handy reusable baking mats. A baker's best friend!

Perfectly roast meats & vegetables or bake cookies, slices & much more AND save 584 meters of disposable paper & $80 annually when used daily!

  • Non stick - no more scrubbing baked on bits!
  • Durable - average lifespan 4+ years! Withstands heat up to 250C.
  • Convenient - Wash with hot soapy water, drip dry & roll to store.
  • Food safe - heat-proof glass fibre with certified teflon coating. FDA approved & PFOA free.
  • Cut to size - they are perfectly sized (40x33cm) for flat trays or baking pans, or cut them to fit cake/slice/bread tins or muffin trays!

 Grab your mats for a bargain & never buy disposable paper again!

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