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Waste Not Want Not

Waste Not Want Not

The problem with waste management and recycling is that the demand for our recycled waste far outweighs the supply. So as we merrily fill our bins with recyclable waste councils and governments around Australia are desperately trying not to put it into landfill and unfortunately failing.

If you are enthusiastic about the benefits of recycling, and eventually we all must be, then waste avoidance is the path we need to follow. It is more productive to think about “recycling” when we are purchasing not disposing of a product.

When buying a product if we consider how the packaging and the product is going to be disposed we may change the way we buy.

An extended waste hierarchy, focusing on waste avoidance. UTS: Institute for Sustainable Futures, CC BY-SA

The interesting value that recycling delivers is that it makes you feel better. The “R” words deliver a positivity to your body: mind, heart and pocket.

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