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About Us

Moonwish is a group of people who want to improve access to eco products online.

We believe that small changes made by a lot of people can create big differences. If more people change the way of using products as a society, we can have a huge positive impact on our environment, and making sure that flora and fauna can flourish at the same time.

There are 2 main ways we can improve access:

  • Make eco products affordable 
  • Provide access to new eco products 

So where do we start improving the way we treat the planet?

Moonwish have chosen to provide eco-products that we all use on a daily basis in our homes and on our bodies. Our range is building and we are searching for products that are providing innovative eco solutions.


At Moonwish all products are on sale every day of the year. So no matter what you are after for you and your home our eco products will always be discounted.

We do this by simply lowering our overheads. Our warehouse management, IT, web development,  and digital marketing is all done inhouse. This gives us great flexibility  to meet changing needs and our customers great service.


We have teamed with a regulatory consulting firm to provide Australian consumers access to new eco product manufacturers. By working closely with such a consultant, along with our hand-picked suppliers, we are able to help push the world of eco-friendliness forward from the front line. All products that are sold to consumers, in any industry or market, must pass strict regulations and tests. By partnering with this external team, we are able to offer advice and guidance on bringing new products to market, and get exclusive access to some top of the range sustainable products before they hit the mainstream shelves.

What do we mean by eco products?

  • We source from Australia and New Zealand where possible
  • When sourcing outside of our home region we will only deal with manufacturers who provide a safe workplace environment
  • Our products do not contain petrochemicals
  • Our products do not contain palm oil
  • We focus on reuse and we are against unnecessary packaging
  • We like products that are made to last
  • We evaluate all our product for toxins, synthetic preservatives and fragrances
  • We are against waste. Reuse or return to the earth
  • We love animals and are staunchly against animal testing


We value our health and the health of the environment in which we live. How we interact with that environment effects the health of both. If we want to improve that health we need to have a balanced and respectful approach to that interaction. Sometimes it is not possible to provide a simple, clean product that provides value without compromising in a small way for what we stand for. In the rare case that we do this, the product information will clearly explain its shortcomings.

We look forward to you joining us on our journey.