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Laundry With Love

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Beautiful products for your laundry.

*** THAT RED HOUSE dryer balls are made from 100% Australian pure wool. Simply pop three balls in your dryer with your wet clothes and let them do their magic. This dryer balls reduce drying time, Reduce wrinkles and contains over 10,000 dryer loads in a single purchase. Contains 6 balls, 3 grey for dark fabrics and 3 natural for light fabrics.
*** Lil Bit 100% organic natural soap nuts are the natural, dried shells of fruit from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree. Their magic ingredient is ?saponins?, a natural soap that reduces the surface tension of water to release dirt. Add 4-5 soap nut shells in your reusable calico bag and toss in your wash. This bag can used up to 5 times and then can added to your garden/compost to break down naturally. Each 250g bag of soap nuts contains approx. 200 nuts/shells.
*** EVER ECO Clothes Pegs are a weather-proof and waste-free alternative alternative to plastic pegs. These pegs are rust resistant and can last you a life time! Contains 20 pegs